Joining the effort

We have joined the efforts at the border of Poland and Ukraine. 

We are collaborating with Troy Peden and Santiago Peden on the ground who have been here for 2 weeks already and have helped settle many women and children from the border to across Poland and as far as Germany. Troy’s foundation is adding a transport van to our small fleet of cars that we are using to help clear the refugee centres. 

More info on our JustGiving page below - we need fuel to keep things moving - for each vehicle we are going through around £100 / $125 of fuel each day to move 2 to 3 individual families in each car between the refugee centre and safe drop off locations with known relatives or volunteer hosts.

Yesterday each volunteer driver drove an average of 780 miles and we are providing a much needed service that is filling a gap in what Poland and other NGOs are able to provide to refugees to help ease the strain at the border.