• John Lawler


    John spent his gap year teaching in Ghana, living in a remote village in the Volta Region where he worked to build and improve education in the community. Due to his extensive work in developing this community, the village made John a Chief of Development, and renamed him Chief Torgbui Mottey I, which means Pioneering Pathfinder of the Forest. On returning from his gap year in 1998, John set up the MAD Foundation.


    John has a BEng in Environmental and Ecological Engineering from Newcastle University and has served as Chair of the WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad Association whilst also on the Executive Board of the World Youth and Student Educational Travel Confederation. John is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

    Vanessa Armijo

    Logistics and Supply Chain Support

    Vanessa’s international development work spans across the globe including Ukraine, Turkmenistan, London and Zambia. Her focus is predominantly on operational and logistics and specializes in rapid program development and implantation. Her experiences abroad in challenging and ambiguous conditions have built empathy, resourcefulness, and resilience that are reflected in a strong work ethic.

    Kari Anderson

    Translation Services

    Kari has a degree in Russian Language and Literature from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She began her development service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan from 2006-2008 and spent the following two years working for the language immersion program for Middlebury College. She studied Peace and Conflict Studies in Malmo, Sweden, before becoming an attorney.

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