• Volunteer with Operation SafeDrop

    Choose from several locations and opportunities

    Humanitarian Centres

    Ukrainian or Russian required. Aid and support refugees navigating their stay at the Centre and help plan their onward travel and accommodation. Participate in the documentation of refugee stories. Administer the English-Ukrainian/Russian translation phone bank. Assist with mitigation of human trafficking.

    UK Homes For Ukraine

    Provide information and logistical support to families going to the UK. Assist Ukrainian refugees with sponsorship program, visa application, accommodation in Poland, and transportation out from Ukraine to the UK.


    Aid and Evacuation

    Collect aid delivered from across Europe, sort, and direct to appropriate locations in Ukraine. Opportunities to drive (international drivers license required for American volunteers) or accompany aid drops and passenger evacuations in Lviv and Ternopil, depending on experience and an interview with our Founder.

    Volunteer on the ground in Lviv or with Aid and Evacuation

    To apply for on-the-ground positions with MAD in and out of Ukraine, click here.

    Volunteer remotely assisting Ukrainians on their path to the UK

    To express interest as a UK coordinator or Ukrainian family coordinator remotely matching Ukrainian families with UK sponsors, please click here.

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